She whose grocery list I found in my new second-hand bag. (Our heritage from strangers)

I was invited to participate in the Fashionclash festival - The Clash project 2016. This years edition was dedicated to the topic of heritage.


As the sub-title states, I decided to work on the aspect of unexpectedly inheriting things from strangers. My personal most recent heritage from a stranger  happened when I decided to take out my newest purchase from a second hand store.  It was a note written in Italian – a grocery list I found in the pocket of this bag. The bag apparently has traveled all the way from Italy to Riga and it even seemed like it has managed to preserve its contents
since the 80's.

It was  a list of very random items, such as hairspray and toilet paper, cookies, etc., yet it was written in a very lady-like handwriting, with a purple pen, on an old looking paper. I started wondering of who this lady was and thought of how these forgotten elements – accidental fingerprints from strangers – can turn a simple purse into a whole new item.

Based on the note and the patterns of the purse I tried to re-imagine of who this former owner of the bag was - how elegant, yet practical she looked when she was doing her groceries.


Design/outfit – Daniela Treija

Styling – Daniela Treija

Photography - Sem Shayne, Madara Gritāne