"When working as a designer, it's given that you become well versed in matters of creativity, knowing the latest going-ons and news within the worlds of art and design. It happens naturally, based on your social circle, your friends, work, what you read online, it surrounds and engulfs you subliminally.

With the insurgence of visual sharing sites, blogs and social media work is shared and viewed on an overwhelming scale. So unsurprisingly, just as trends exist in the world of fashion, trends have started to make an appearance in other disciplines too, photography, art, film, set design and product design to name a few.

When browsing online for visual inspiration, we were overwhelmed by the repetition making an appearance in the creative sphere. When looking for inspiration, creatives now reach for imitation. Reaching out and grabbing the nearest idea which fits with their criteria, blissfully ignorant to the sheer amount of peers that are doing the same. These visual cues and stylistic tools, are replacing good old fashion originality, why create something new when you can make something that is guaranteed to be visually coherent and be universally adored.

Glistening brass objects, everything adorned in marble, an overhanging monstera leaf, and memphis colourways are used next to another pineapple randomly positioned in a bright and striking postmodernist 3d still life. These now ubiquitous stylistic props are undeniably effective, drawing the viewer in and gaining a guaranteed instagram like or a yet another pin on a pinterest board.

This way of creation has negative connotations, if it continues to work in the same way, originality an alternative mindset will soon be lost. We both thought of ways to counteract or observe these repetitions of trend monotony, feeling an obligation to document these cycles throughout their lifespan.

We came up for the idea of a print magazine, one with the objective to create a point in time for these trends to be recognized. So ‘Not Another’ was born, each issue dedicated to the month's most overused visual trend as decided by social media through a hashtagged voting system. Currently ‘Not Another’ has 12 issues in the series, detailing the top stylistic trends of the past year."