Identity. Behind the Curtain of Uncertainty

Our task was to create a compelling visual identity for the exhibition ‘Identity. Behind the Curtain of Uncertainty’ – one of the major exhibitions of this decade of the North Eastern European contemporary art at the National Art museum of Ukraine.


We noticed, that in this particular case, every flag of the participating countries cherished a very homogeneous sense of proportion, composition and symbolic value, leaving color as the main element of difference. Since the exhibition called for a re-evaluation of the notion of identity, emphasizing its diverse aspects, we decided to break down the color separation between each of the flags, wondering if by taking it away countries would be still recognizable.  By playing around with the visual perception and the identity of the flags in a grey scale, we incorporated geological patterns instead of the solid colors of grey - every shade of grey was replaced with a pattern that was the closest to the color depending on the density of the pattern. The outcome resulted in a very rich and detailed ornament - unrecognizable, yet still respecting the proportion and composition of the flags.

Exhibition design — Daniela Treija & Una Bergmane | Associates, Partners et Sons